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May 22 2018


May 17 2018

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April 28 2018

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@wordsablaze & anon requested: magnus calling clary ‘biscuit’ (1x06 / 1x10 / 2x05 / 2x08 / 3x06)

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The Aquarium near me posted this today


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I was tagged by @eraldocoil to post 5 facts about me and tag 10 people.

1.  I am going to Europe (England, France, and Spain) this June with my school.

2. I deeply want to go to an aquarium. It shouldn’t be hard in theory because I live in Florida, but I’ve never been to a true aquarium. 

3. I have amassed a collection of jewelry beads that I’ll probably never use.

4. I wear frog pajamas a lot at home and I have at least 5 frog themed items in my house, but I don’t like frogs all that much.

5. I used nair hair removal on my face to see what would happen and it left a red mark in the shape of an old western mustache for a day.

I tag whoever wants to do this 

April 27 2018




As a woman, I gotta say, nerds and “nice guys” create the most awkward situations.

Ive been given a diamond bracelet by someone who I only knew by their D&D name.

Another guy gave me a birth stone necklace after I’d just had a break up and just couldn’t understand why I needed time

Ive come home from a late night of studying to find a guy sitting beside my apartment door at 11pm. He’d “been waiting for hours” and “just wanted to see me.” (I don’t have to tell you how scary it is to see a grown man in an empty hallway when you are all by yourself.)

Ive had a guy send me 1000+ text messages…which started as a conversation about cartoons, turned into a love confession, then turned into him calling me a bitch

Not to mention the ones with jungle fever whose wet dream is not only a “nerd girl” but an “exotic nerd girl.” (“exotic” is just a cute word for fetishizing women of color)

And ALL of these men were self proclaimed “nice guys.” But what they don’t understand is that what they consider “nice” is usually creepy. You are a grown ass man. Waiting outside for hours is horrifying to women. Giving gifts and expecting sex in return is not a “nice” thing to do. I just wish “nice guys” would realize that the things they think are chivalrous and romantic are straight up horrifying and sociopathic. They think their loner status deserves some kind of sympathy and I should be greatful for the attention. But if they saw things from the female perspective they’d realize that that kind of behavior is literally stalking and bribery

me who try to overwhelm you with expensive gifts right off the bat are showing a classic warning sign of future abusive behavior

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kickin off this friday with a great text from my therapist








Concept: You walk outside one night and notice that there are two full moons. A few hours go by and they don’t seem to move.

You stare up at them.

They blink.

You blink back. It’s only polite to return the greeting of the Big Night Cat.

I meant for this to be all spooky and ominous, but fuck it, this is way better. I love the Big Night Cat. She is beautiful. I support her.

Big Night Cat watches over the Earth <3

Oh my, look through the reblogs and see all the art! This was one of my favorites!


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why did i try weed omg ima die i feel like a a dvd player

this is genuinely the funniest thing i’ve ever seen i’m losing it

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Here they are–all the dateable characters from upcoming monster dating game MONSTRA CITY BAKERY!

Thank you to everyone who’s taken interest so far–we’re going to have an amazing time in Monstra City!!

The Monstra City Bakery patreon is live! See content before anyone else does! Join a Discord server of monster smoochers just like you! Get stickers and charms! All that and more here!

oh you KNOW i’m smoochin that snake lady

also @kelagon

……can u date the spider though

like no joke?

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man the juxtaposition really makes it seem like that bourbon insta-killed her








Not to critique evolution, but I would think orange and black stripes wouldn’t be as good for camouflage in a forest as, say, green and black would.

It turns out a lot of animals can’t see the difference between orange and green!  Elephants, for instance, have dichromatic vision (two types of cones, rather than three like most humans.) 

Check out this diagram from ResearchGate.  It deals with the color vision of horses, who are also generally dichromatic.  (I think, though I’m not sure, that zebras would have the same color vision as horses.)  See how orange and green look to them?

Not to critique evolution but I think prey animals should be better at telling when their predator is dressed like a traffic cone.

It doesn’t matter what zebras see, because tigers are not native to Africa and do not naturally hunt zebra.  Tigers are Asian and mostly hunt animals like deer, elk, and buffalo.  These aren’t animals with great color vision.  They don’t need to have it because they don’t eat fruit and so don’t need to know when the berry is ripe vs when it’s not.  Good color vision is too expensive to have if you don’t need it.  Deer put their vision stats in a wide field of vision that is sensitive to motion, low light capabilities, and possibly seeing UV light.  They don’t have great color and lack a lot of acuity, but have a great sense of smell and good hearing.  That’s way more useful if you’re prey.  Deer see well in the blue end of the color spectrum and less well in the red.  This makes sense because deer are most active in the dawn and dusk periods, when there is more blue in the light.  Tigers are taking advantage of deer eyesight by being orange.

We see tigers are being obviously colored because tigers are fruit colored to our tree ape brains.

I don’t know what the best part of this is: implying that deer chose their attributes on a character sheet, or the fact that we get to see tiger colors because they look like a snack.

for more like this, tierzoo on youtube




thats just the way the pussy crumbles

please see a gynecologist




the todd howard thing was fun for a day lets stop now and not do this again because wikipedia is actually like a fantastic website thats completely free and a lot of people voluntarily contribute to and moderate the website for no pay and we shouldn’t make it harder for them

and, if you’re a gremlin who still wants to vandalize his wikipedia page, here is a wiki of todd howard someone made solely so that you can vandalize it

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